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About Us

Inspired by our local everyday heroes!

The Golden Heart Award recognizes and celebrates our local heroes, trailblazers, and world changers. These awards represents love in action as we uplift and honor the purpose driven lives of our recipients.

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Our Story

It all happened so fast!  As a group of creatives and community leaders sat and talked we begin to discuss the labor of love many of our local friends, family members, and colleagues invest everyday to be a light even in the darkest of times.  Bishop Christopher Paul, Lead Pastor of One Church Global, felt compelled to go further than admonishment through private conversation, but we needed a public celebration to honor them all!

This idea grew from a small gathering of friends and family to a stunning red carpet affair! The central idea behind this beautiful endeavor is simple ,"Love is action".  To many go far too long and never hear the word thank you!  Bishop Chris often says, " If someone gives you $100 dollars it may soon be forgotten, but if someone takes $5 dollars we remember it forever."  Golden Heart Awards is about remembering what matters and honoring those who make life a little brighter because they exist!

Golden Heart Award Recipients

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